Cutesy but not Cutesy for the Holidays!

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    • blue origami
If you're wondering if you're ever going to get to see the monsters in person or if you've already met them and wondering when you can see them again, we've got a few opportunities for you!  1.) Philadelphia: We're super excited to announce that we'll have some very special monsters in a…

Chicago, Crafty Bastards, and London, Oh My!

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    • me threadlessmeetup2011
Now for a long overdue update from the Monsterworld! We've been traveling all over the place having a great time meeting new people. We road-tripped out to Chicago for our second Renegade Craft Fair Chicago. We had such a blast! Chicago is filled with tons of monster lovers and friendly…

Renegade Brooklyn and travel updates from the monster world

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    • artstar sam
It's been a while since an update from us because we've been busy traveling the country yet again for another monster-filled season of craft shows. Handmade Arcade was the first show of the season and the people of Pittsburgh welcomed us with huge open arms. Next up was a trip back…
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